First a family report…

As I stated in my previous post, I will be posting about my scout trip to the Gulf Coast and consulting experience in Colorado, but first this cute Halle moment from yesterday…

Halle was visiting a library yesterday when an adult asked her, “Halle, do you like books?”

Well, as many of you know, Halle is quite the reader. 

She responds, “Yes, books are some of my best friends.”

So cute!  But then her next line was the heart-melting line of the day, “My  best-book-friend is probably the Bible.”


one of her good friends!

one of her good friends!

Though I have my seminary done, I think Halle will help me with my next degree program.


No worries though (for those wondering if she is only 7); she’s grounded enough to love the Bible, childish enough (or enough like her daddy) to laugh when Will toots and girlie enough to enjoy playing with dolls and toys for hours!



One thought on “First a family report…

  1. To quote one of my heroes, Charlie Bell – readers are leaders! Glad she’s keeping her nose in the books, there are few better places to have it.

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