Back At It

The last three weeks have been crazy.  I am amazed by the grace of God and his provision.  Over the next couple posts I will explain little chapters of His provision and faithfulness.  To start, I’ll clue you in on the calendar of events.

January 16-18: Speak for Rose Hill Pres Winter Retreat

January 19-23: Scout trip for Hawaii including an overnight flight Jan 22/23.

January 23: meetings all morning after getting off the plane, nap in the afternoon then great dinner out with the family (I missed them so much).

January 24: 4:00 AM food poisoning wake-up call.  Sick all day.

January 25: Speak at Parent/Student meeting at Faith Baptist Church

January 26: Speak at Kentridge Young Life then catch a flight to San Antonio via Dallas via Seattle.

January 27: Scouting Gulf Coast; San Antonio to Vinton, LA

January 28: Scouting Gulf Coast; Vinton, Hackberry, Starks, Lake Charles and Bridge City TX.  Then off to Spring, TX, north of Houston to speak at  a Youth Group (NW Bible); after YG we drive back to San Antonio

January 29: Scouting Gulf Coast; two meetings with Youth Pastors in SA to talk about YMV’s.  Schlaud and I then go to my aunt and uncles for a great night of hot tub, steak dinner, hot tub, and sleep.

January 30: Schlaud flies to Seattle, I fly to Denver.  Drive to Colorado Springs for consulting.  Coffee with a former student, Patrick, and later a hang out with some college friends too.

January 31: Consulting, training and parent meeting at Pulpit Rock Church

February 1: Teaching at Middle School and then at High School.  Afternoon consulting appointments and then the Super Bowl.  Late night coffee with another college friend.

February 2: Breakfast with two youth pastors talking about YMV’s.  Flight home.  Speak at Kentridge Young Life.

February 3: West Seattle Network, CATCH UP and then Kentridge basketball game (contact work for YL).

February 4: Burien Network, CATCH UP and Speaking at Calvary Chapel South.

Now that you know the craziness, and the violins have been played (I know, hard to feel sorry for a guy who HAD to go to Hawaii), I will write about the great details of these trips!  God has been at work!



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