Parents Meeting at Faith

On Sunday I had a pretty surreal experience.  We arrived at church a few minutes late, the announcements were just concluding and the worship (singing) was kicking back in.  After the singing and as the transition to the sermon began I was able to quickly glance at the bulletin.  There it was, a Youthmark Mission Venture logo and announcement.  Sort of weird to see something about my ministry in a bulletin!  Weird, but cool.  Made it feel even more real.

I was able to come to the Youth Group that evening and speak to a combined parents/student meeting.  Aaron, the Youth Pastor, is beginning the application and training process and had invited me a couple weeks ago to come and share.  It was an honor to do so, and fun to think of students from our new home church heading out this summer (to NorCal) representing our Savior, our church and Youthmark!  Weird, but cool.



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