Young Life Speaking

I have written about our church search in the past, but I am uncertain I have posted about my ministry search?  When I left the role of Youth Pastor and ventured into Youthmark full time I knew I’d eventually be back at a church and be involved volunteering in ministry. In fact, I really looked forward to that.  Somehow it NEVER occurred to me that my ministry may be outside the church.

logoIn the middle of the Kent/Renton Youth Leader network (I believe in November), God, smacked me (not literally) over the head and said, “why aren’t you asking me about Young Life?”  So, I asked.  And He answered with a “Yes.”  I have been involved with Kentridge Young Life now for a couple months, but really, this last Monday was when I really felt at home as a full-fledged leader.  It was the first club back after the Holidays and it was my first club for me to speak at as well.  Rob (the area director) and I are doing a tag-team Testimony/Talk series.  Rob starts with part of his testimony and it leads to me doing a 7-10 minute talk on the person/attributes of God.  Pray the Lord uses this series to reveal Himself to many teens.

It is a privilege to have one of my former small group guys, Ricky, leading club at KR with me!  I love seeing him in ministry action!  The Discipleship continues in many ways!



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