Three Down, One to Go

The Rose Hill gang has been a fun youth group to hang out with this weekend at Lake Retreat.  Thus far I have had three talks with the fourth and final being delivered on Sunday morning.  It has been especially nice for me (and  a real blessing, thanks Doug) because I have been able to come home at night.  Living less than 30 minutes from the camp afforded me the fantastic opportunity to be in my own bed after formal programming at the camp.


Halle and Audrey?  Nah.

Halle and Audrey? Nah.

On top of the “at home” benefit, the rest of my little Aaby family trekked out to LR for lunch and some afternoon “free time.”  With a fairly busy spring of travel (scouting for missions) I was very thankful for this little extra time with the family.  After lunch, while Elisabeth fed Will, I took the girls on a little tour of the camp and to the Paint Ball field (where the group was having a great time).  Halle is a quick learner, so it didn’t surprise me to see her nailing down the freshman with ease, but what really surprised me was how well Audrey picked up the art of shooting the semi-automatic glock.  


Okay, the last part was NOT AT ALL TRUE, but I did take them on the tour and they did at least see the paintball course!  Did I have you a little worried about what I am teaching my kids?  Ha.

Speaking of teaching…

The three talks have been received well.  

Talk one:  CROWD OR CHRIST: We part of the crowd, or followers of Christ?

Talk two: HEAVEN OR KIRKLAND? To live is Christ and die is gain!

Talk three: LOST-N-FOUND (OUT): Your sins will find you out, confess first!

Look forward to finishing strong tomorrow.  Pray the students take God’s Truth home and live it out (and while you’re at it, pray I do the same).



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