Another Update from Last Post

Had a great discussion with a friend about my last post.  We both could relate to the fear that a person would have in adding the software–causing others to think that the person adding it must have a problem.  The good news, you’re only asking two of your closest friends (who probably already know your heart anyway).

I really like what my friend’s church did in the wake of the Ted Haggard issue a few years ago.  The elders came to pastors and staff and asked each of them to put it on their computers.   They then went before their congregation and explained all the accountability tactics they have in place and I believe they even encouraged others to do the same!

This way, it is the elders asking, rather than a pastor volunteering it and having others assume he is a porn addict.

So, my hope is that people will take this seriously.  If you are “Joe” or “Sally” reader, not only can you add the software for yourself, but you could also suggest it to your elders that all staff computers have the software.  As you read in the stats yesterday, nearly 60% of Pastors think this is one of the biggest issues facing the church; we can’t keep ignoring it.

And to calm all fears; no, I am not working sales for X3, no financial kickback… oh yeah, it’s free anyway!



One thought on “Another Update from Last Post

  1. It seems to me that being afraid of what others might assume or think is a side issue. What does God think or for that matter know is the issue. If we are not fearful in the correct ways of God, are we not wasting our time down here in the first place? He wants us to be holy as He is holy.

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