CONTEST: Ninja Chipmunk W.A.I.T.

I started a contest series awhile back entitled, “What Am I Thinking?”  Up until now it has always been family and friends who I’ve pictured.  I saw this pic on a friends facebook the other day, couldn’t pass this one up.  So… What am I thinking (WAIT)?

You choose the thought (s) of either of these rodents (or both) and “comment” them.  The funniest will be In The Running and then an eventual winner will be chosen as well.  Let’s see if you’ll be the first contest winner of 2009 (I’ll end the contest on January 2).

In celebration of the Chipmunk the winner will get a jar of nuts.


What Am I Thinking?... or what are we thinking?

What Am I Thinking?... or what are we thinking?

Let the comments begin!




In the Running:

“she said she loves me!”
“no! she loves me!”  Ricky

“Stop calling me ALVIN!!!!!”  unowho

“O.k. geez,you win, I’m allergic to nuts anyways!”  Jan A.

WINNER: the very clever “Stop calling me ALVIN!!!!!” unowho

The cashews will be sent soon!


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