The Disc: A Screen Play

The Setting: A few days ago; a Starbucks and the Aaby home; an instant message conversation taking place between Brian and Elisabeth

Brian: I probably have about 2-3 hours more to go on this Leaders Notebook

Elisabeth: Okay…the girls are so cute right now, they are watching the kids sled down the hill in front of our house

Brian: That’s so cute!

Elisabeth: Oh my goodness; I just overheard Audrey say, ‘I wish we were them.’

Brian: That’s it, I’m outta here, my heart just melted, I’m going to Fred Meyer to by a sled.

Brian shuts down his mobile office faster than he ever has before; proceeds to Fred Meyer to find that they are sold out of ALL sledding type toys.

Brian calls his mom to see if they still have one of his old snow discs.

Brian succeeds in finding the disc at his parents house.

Brian shows up at home to surprise the girls who knew Daddy was coming home to play outside (but not sled, because they  didn’t have one).

The rest of the screenplay can be seen in the pictures below, it tells the rest of the story!


They all sled happily ever after!





2 thoughts on “The Disc: A Screen Play

  1. A father’s love is what this season is really about right? Way to show your girls a glimpse of what God is like! He is a Good Shepherd. And Elisabeth, way to listen to the desires of their hearts. God bless the Aaby family this Christmas and always!

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