When Elisabeth and I got married we set out to have our own Christmas traditions and not just bring in the traditions of both families.  We both loved the traditions we had with our own family growing up and for the most part have been able to keep most of these. Now with our own kids, it is so much fun to have firmly established our own traditional roots.  So, without further ado, here is what our Christmas looks like (can’t wait for the festivities to start later today).

Yummy Turkey

Yummy Turkey

Christmas Eve Day:

Turkey Lunch (full Thanksgiving Day spread!)… this is a new tradition today, so we’ll see if it lasts

Final Advent Candle/family devotional time

Christmas Eve service

Breakfast at 67!

Breakfast at 67!

Christmas Day:

Mommy and Daddy prepare the downstairs


Out to Breakfast at 67 (The Edgewater Hotel) … This is probably my personal favorite part of the day


What the kids love!

What the kids love!

Home for gifts for the kids (Elisabeth and I have never really exchanged gifts, always chose to save money or buy something for the family)


Leftover Turkey (again, the new part of the tradition)

Hang out and watch hoops, play games, etc.

Over to my parents for Dinner/gifts/dessert with the entire Aaby-clan

After Christmas:

We are looking forward to some time with Elisabeth’s family coming up north for the next few days after Christmas!

What about you?  Do you have some great Christmas traditions that are unique that we can steal?




One thought on “Tradition!

  1. The best Coon tradition in my humble opinion, is when we all get together and decorate cookies. It’s been going on for over 60 years, if I remember correctly.

    Usually grandparents will make cookies a few days before and after Christmas dinner, we whip up bowls of simple frosting (water, powdered sugar) in order to decorate. Lots of sprinkles. 🙂

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