One Sentence Random Snip-its From My Life

Thought I’d try something new and possibly fun with the blog today.  Since text messaging is the rave and seeing as how some of my posts (okay, almost all of the) the 162 characters allowed in text messages, I thought I’d update you on some things about my life with one sentence updates (and some visual enhancements).  Enjoy.

  • To save cash, I’ve been drinking only drip coffees with Sugar Free Hazelnut (instead of lattes and such).
  • Whenever our daughters do anything funny they ask, “Are you going to blog that?”
  • My fantasy basketball team is 7-5 for the season, tied for 5th place (out of 12).
  • This is my 158th post on this blog, I’ve had over 10,000 visits from folk like you.
  • I’m looking forward to a Lifeboat reunion this Sunday with my class of 2008 LB guys.
  • My current favorite at home beverage is Cherry Coke Zero
  • A few new things entering the Youthmark radar screen have me prayerful/expectant/excited.
  • I think that Facebook is ultimately going to be a great personal evangelism conduit as it has put me back in touch with many of my old friends who knew me before I trusted Christ.
  • My immediate at home “to do” list: assemble a bookshelf, fix all three toilets (they all need new inside stuff) and put away Christmas boxes for the next few weeks.
  • I’m reading John Grisham’s book, “The Appeal” for enjoyment reading.
  • Halle lost another tooth this week.
  • My last phone call with Barry St. Clair (mentor) was our best phone convo yet.
  • Excited to share at the main services at Calvary Chapel South this Sunday (they are doing a YMV).
  • Reading 1 John again for my own personal study; great stuff.

Hope you enjoyed the Snip-its.  I’ll try this again sometime.



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