Youth Leader Notebook


Will it be done next week?

Will it be done next week?

One of the items included for the churches participating in the Youthmark Mission Ventures is a Youth Leader Notebook.  Basically, it is a full-guide to how to lead your mission team and it contains all of the administrative tasks to be completed between now and the end of the trip (recruitment letters, fundraising ideas, how to use move, parent meeting outline, two-week talk series, etc.).


It is kicking my behind.

I have to get it done in the next couple days and I’d give it a solid 45% complete so far… argh!  

Pray for wisdom and creativity in getting my ideas out, quick fingers in the actual writing, eyes to see the typo’s and mistakes and the great technology which will get them printed to work well!



P.S. I work well under pressure, so there is part of me that loves this!  Yes, I’m strange.


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