Church Search

Since July the Aaby family has been doing our “church search,” looking for the place we will eventually call our church home.  Perhaps one of these days I’ll blog about the search, but today, I wanted to keep things a little lighter. 

First impressions are always important for a church; Elisabeth and I always debrief after the service and talk about everything from how we were greeted to the sermon, worship and everything else.  So, that very first impression, to us, is an important element.  In some of the churches we have been to we have been greeted well, in others, we were pretty much ignored.  Unfortunately (because I would crack up laughing), we have yet to meet this guy:



2 thoughts on “Church Search

  1. I would have liked to have had the luxury of another month or so as we church hunted – I was pushing it with our 10 Sundays – the family was about to mutiny – and your girls? Are they seeing it as an adventure?

  2. hahaha!

    Yeah, there was a church in SF, Chinese Bible, that was awesome but our first Sunday? They had a 20 minute – MINUTE! – greeting time. Me and my roommates were the only whites in the room so we sort of stood out so it wasn’t difficult to be greeted by every single church member.

    However, after a year of attending regular American churches that had great music and were short on friends, we went back to “that nice church” where we had kindly people mentor us and take care of us. I ended up switching to a different church where there were a lot more college-age students, but again, LONG greeting times where you were genuinely questioned about yourself and life. I loved it.

    Greeter guys now seem cold in comparison… however, not THAT one! 🙂

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