First Experiences

Yes, I’m 35 and until yesterday I had never experience Thai food.  Man, they love peanut stuff don’t they?  

We were up in Bellingham for the beginning of our weekend.  One of my former C-Group (FEPC Small Group) members, David, wed his sweetheart, Natalie.  I was in the wedding.  It had been a long time since I had been in a wedding and not been just attending or officiating the wedding. I even remembered how to put on a tux!

After the rehearsal, we joined the crowd at the Thai restaurant for the Rehearsal Dinner (never knew why we had to rehearse dinner?).  Thai food, interesting choice, seemed a little trendy or something, because there was a huge group of college students (not with us) enjoying in as a large party, and then all the college age folk in the wedding seemed to really know what they were doing.  I just sat there trying to figure out what ingredients were in each dish (but it was a guarantee that there was some sort of nut).

When all was said and done, I decided I would be willing to do it again, and would even be excited about a couple of the dishes!  

On a side note:  My girls LOVED the rice (that was all they ate, but they did love the rice).

On a different side note: Be proud mom and dad, I tried something new (I normally turned up my nose to new foods growing up).

Congrats to David and Natalie (this means about half of my 2001 Graduating Class C-Group is married now).



4 thoughts on “First Experiences

  1. Go to Chao Praya off of 208th and East Valley highway. (on the southeast side of the intersection)

    They have awesome rice — Supreme Fried Rice, to be exact. I have never met anyone who didn’t like it. Swimming Angels (peanut sauce) is also a family favorite. It’s super cheap though. My family used to eat out Thai probably once a week in high school. Aside from the nuts, it’s relatively allergy free. 🙂

    Thai iced tea (and coffee) is also amazing, but it a bit of an acquired taste, I guess. It’s also probably bad for you — too much coconut milk… but it’s too much coconut milk… mmmm….

  2. Good to see you branching out, Brian.

    Seeing as my parents automatically ordered me fish n chips at every Asian restaurant we ever stepped foot in, it wasn’t any wonder that I was quite, er, mature before I ate any Asian food at all!

    Now, I’m going to Two Koi for my 17th anniversary this month! But, I apparently need a designated driver for the sake they are going to be serving at our 7 course dinner – any takers? No, Chad’s got his share under control – he just might need help picking up all of mine…

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