Productive Week (Praise Report)

Though I didn’t get nearly as much done this week as I had hoped, I still look back at this week and am quite pleased with how much took place.  My main productivity goal for the week was to make a lot of progress on my Leaders Notebook for the Youthmark Mission Ventures.  Well, not a lot got done there, however, a bunch of unexpected blessings came my way.

I am sure that some of my “readership” comes by from time to time to see what’s happening, or to be part of one of my silly contests, don’t stop, I love having you here.  However, I know some others are part of our prayer team too. I am thankful for the prayer support we have and we’d invite you to praise God with us for the blessing that came my way this week:

  • I had two or three new project ideas that I was able to outline and think through.  This is a total blessing because, as I have said before, so much of my September, October and even early November has been taken  up with meetings to talk about Youthmark Mission Ventures.  I LOVE these meetings, but I have felt a desire to be more creative too.  These new project ideas invited some creativity!
  • On the same day I was invited to speak at two different Winter Camps.  I look forward to these opportunities coming in December and January.
  • I was invited to speak at three different churches (unfortunately two were for the same Sunday).  However, I will be doing one of them (a Sunday School class) this Sunday (on teen parenting) and hope to reschedule the other one for a Sunday soon. The third will be a parent night on December 3 (whew, not a Sunday!).
  • I finalized the details for the Youthmark Transitional Consulting and set up the travel arrangements for that trip.
  • I assisted another church in finding a speaker for a New Year’s overnighter… this is exciting because the speaker I arranged for them and I may be able to collaborate on some future projects!
  • I received word from one church that they are planning to sign-up for a Youthmark Mission Venture (they would have not been able to join until we added a second Montana trip for August).
  • I received another actual registration from from another church joining us for the NorCal trip (keep praying, we’re hoping for another 8-10 church registrations between now and early February).
  • AND, it was Elisabeth’s birthday this week; as always, I’m praising God for my wonderful wife (and I get to take her out to dinner tonight to celebrate)!

So, though I didn’t really get much done on the The Leaders Notebook, I can look back on this week and praise God for His creative blessings.  Now, back to the notebook!



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