Youthmark Consulting

Some of you may have seen on the website that we are offering a package entitled, “transitional consulting.”  Unfortunately there is much turnover in vocational youth ministry.  This happens because of various reasons (wrong fit, immature pastors, finances, ineffectiveness, etc.).  It is often the teens who end up suffering the most when transition takes place.  Having transitioned a few times myself, I can speak with some experience in saying there were times where I handled the transition (coming and/or going) well and other times not as well.  There are things I know I did well and many thing I wish I could repeat and NOT DO!

One of my passions is to see lay-leadership excel.  The transitional consulting package was created to help churches who are between youth pastors.  It is my hope to come in and to consult with the Pastors, staff, parents and lay leadership to create a plan for the interim time.  Me end goal is effective youth ministry taking place without a youth pastor while they wait on the person God is calling to ultimately lead the charge.  This will not be an upfront role, for me, I simply want to enable and empower the lay team (or appointed leader) to do the work of the ministry.

I have done this in the past in an unofficial capacity, but am about to begin this officially (as Youthmark)  with a specific church in the next few weeks.  I look forward to building the relationship with this church and hope I can be of service to them!  I am somewhat familiar with the church, I have done some speaking for them and done programming for a few of their camps as well.  The initial stage is the assessment and report (I’ll take a thorough look at the state of the Youth Ministry) and use tools to report back to them the different places I feel I could speak in to.  Appreciate your prayers as I launch this specific venture!



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