CONTEST: What Am I Thinking?

Couple weeks ago we did our first “What Am I Thinking?” (WAIT!… ha!)… so, here we go, this edition has a Youthmark Mission Ventures theme.  You see my good friend, Nathan Schlaud, in this picture, he’s the one creepily staring at the camera.  So, the best “thought” a reader comes up with for Nathan will get that person a free meal at the Spaghetti Factory with the Aabys.  

Setting the stage: there were about 30 of us YMV leaders gathered in this room at the Spaghetti Factory on Monday night as we began our leader/spouse training retreat.  Have fun!



What is Schlaud Thinking?

What is Schlaud Thinking?

 In The Running (these are the finalists, winner announced during the weekend):

“If you send over one more waiter pretending that they knew me in high school I’m out of here!” Jared

“No, I’m not married yet”  Brad

“I am not an Aaby child. Put the camera down!”  Jan

“You’re trying to tell me NO ONE knows the score of the Lions game?”  Ricky


The Winner: Honestly, I laughed at each of them, not just the contenders.  I have to give this one to Jared, because he lives a long way away and it’ll give me time to save money to take him out to dinner.  Actually, his was the first and had me laughing from the get-go because it is something I actually did do to Jared!

Way to go Jared!


9 thoughts on “CONTEST: What Am I Thinking?

  1. “I want to get out of here so bad. I can’t believe they made that cheap shot at my shirt. In Michigan EVERYONE wears their brown striped polo every other day…they eat faster too *grumble* how long is this going to take?!”

  2. I don’t have an entry (seeing as how the prize is dinner with me), but I think Brad REALLY wants to win this. He’s kind of stuffing the ballot box.

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