New Network

Several weeks ago I posted about the breakfast Youthmark was hosting.  I advertised and invited any Youth Pastor in the Kent/Renton area to be a part of this gathering.  I tried to make myself clear that I was using this time to  (A) promote Youthmark Mission Ventures and (B) talk about networking for the Kent/Renton area.  This has been a tough line to toe, I really want networking to succeed, but I could see trying to do both could be something that created blurry lines… I have really tried to not be “sales-y” in network settings and I think most have been appreciative of that.

The breakfast was a lot of fun and we had a pretty good turn out.

During the breakfast I asked the youth leaders to fill out a brief survey letting me know when their best and not best times were to have a regular network meeting (because nothing is currently happening as far as networking goes in the Kent/Renton area).  

Thursday, November 6, 2008 marked the launch of the Kent and Renton network.  Good turn out yesterday at Round Table Pizza in Kent.  

Though most of my fall has been spent on Youthmark Missions stuff, I have also made it a priority to see better networking take place.  It’s pretty cool that in the last three months we’ve seen three new networks begin!  



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