Crazy Dayz

I have really tried to keep blogging as a daily discipline (at least during the week, and then I try to get at least one post up during the weekend).  I’ve even surprised myself that I was able to keep this discipline during my extra hectic September and October when I was driving all over the place to meet with Youth Pastor to talk about Youthmark Mission Ventures!  However…

… This week I have only had two meeting in regard to Youthmark Mission Ventures but have had very little time to sit down and post.  It hasn’t even been on my radar screen!  It’s been a crazy week preparing for my Youth Leader and Spouse retreat next Monday and Tuesday.

I’d really appreciate your prayers for this event.  On Sunday and Monday I will have an advanced training time for my Lead Team.  These are the Youth Pastors who will serve as my co-leaders on the front end (launch) of the mission trips and be the primary leader on the back end (debrief) of the mission trip.  

Monday and Tuesday we welcome in the rest of the participants (leaders/spouses).  I am certainly looking forward to building the team.  I hope that through the training, spring retreat, launch, mission and debrief we present “team.”  The body of Christ needs to come together and glorify Him!  Pray that the foundation is built on Sunday to Tuesday (and the prep this week!).



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