The Draft

The beach… a walk… the mall… the coffee shop… sleep.

Many of us have our own little “escapes” in life; perhaps one of the above is an escape you use to take a break from your daily grind.  Well, one of my reality escapes is fantasy basketball.  Last night launched my fifth season in the league and my third as co-commissioner.  12 guys gathered in cyberspace (connected via the web from four different states).  We drafted our teams and will begin play in a matter of a couple weeks.  For those not familiar with fantasy sports, the basic concept is this:  Your game play is based on the stats (from that week) of the players on your team.  So in basketball if I had Lebron James on my team and he scores 32 points and has 10 rebounds in a game then each point and rebound is given fantasy point values.  You add up each of my players scores and I have a total for that night.  Add up each night (for a week) and my hope is that my total is better than the total of the fantasy team I am playing.

So, for those who understand fantasy sports, you’re excited for me (I hope).  And for those who aren’t sports fans or aren’t fantasy sports followers, it doesn’t matter you stopped reading this at “last night launched my fifth season in the league and my third as co-commissioner.”

So, hoops fans unite, though you may not have the Sonics to cheer for, you can now cheer for “Jack Bauer Makes Chuck Norris Cry” (the name of my fantasy team… we have a theme of “Small Screen Characters” for our team names).  Let’s go Jack!  Thanks for the escape (I’m a big 24 fan as well, so there’s my other escape).




2 thoughts on “The Draft

  1. In most cases I love Jack Bauer, but in this case “Frasier’s Seattle Sports Therapy” is definately the team to root for!


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