Speaking Up North

Very excited to be up in Snohomish right now.  Jess is one of the Youth Pastors doing a mission trip through Youthmark this summer.  In fact, Jess is one of my “Lead Team” members.  I’ll probably post about that in the next couple weeks.

Anyway, Jess is promoting the mission trip to Montana tonight and asked if I’d bring a student up to share a testimony.  This quickly changed to him inviting not only a student, but asking if I’d share the message… I’m quite excited to bring the Word and promote the mission!  So, Ricky and I are up in Snohomish now, sitting at the Sno-Bucks and will probably do a little discipleship (we’re studying Colossians together), do some final prep for sharing tonight and take in a little coffee and tea.  Pray for us if you are reading this sometime Wednesday afternoon/evening!



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