Contract Fulfilled

Several years ago I made an agreement with one of my young sophomores in high school.  Kevin had walked into a party wearing an old yellow polo-type shirt.  It was one he had purchased at a consignment store to use on a summer mission as a scrubby shirt to paint or do work in.  Even as a sophomore in high 

A sample Goldenboy Shirt

A sample Goldenboy Shirt

school the shirt was already starting to show a little midriff (not a good look; especially for a guy).  Kevin, knowing he was dressed a little strange for this party said, “check out my shirt Brian!”  For some reason, my immediate response, “Kev, if you wear that shirt everyday to school this year, I’ll take you on an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland.”

Long story short… Goldenboy (aka Kevin) took the challenge and completed it.  I fulfilled my duty by taking him to Disneyland as well!  I’ll have to share the whole story later because it included a presidential campaign, huge youth group growth, a 3 minute piece on the Local news and a call from The Tonight Show with an invite to be on Jay’s show!

Fast forward several years, I’m the new guy at Boulevard Park and I meet one of my brand-new Freshmen guys, Frankie.  Frankie, as a frosh, looked a little like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite–complete with the puberty produced mustache!  So, first time I met Frankie I stated, “Frankie, if you don’t shave all the way through your graduation day, I’ll take you on an all expense paid trip to Ruth’s Chris Steak House (yes, I learned my lesson in terms of the expense of a prize).

Frankie on our Lifeboat trip to AZ

Frankie on our Lifeboat trip to AZ

Long story short, Frankie graduated in June, and last night we enjoyed Ruth’s Chris!  Frankie has since shaved and now looks younger than he did the day I met him.  Great time, great food and contract fulfilled!

By the way, these were never “bets,” they were all “Christian Agreements!





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