Youthmark Prayer Update

I have a wonderful prayer support team!  Several months ago I was challenged to put together a fellowship who were committed to praying for the Aabys and Youthmark.  My hope is that this group will be able to gather three or four times a year and pray together (Youthmark Fellowship Gatherings).  We did one of these in August and I assume we’ll do another in November sometime.

With all that being said; you certainly get updated prayers here, but my email (which I hope to send out about once a month) will be more extensive and specific.  If you’d like to be part of this team, don’t hesitate to email me ( and I’ll get you yesterdays email and put you on the list.  Some of you may have already requested to be on the list but didn’t receive one yesterday, please resend this, my apology.

Here is the prayer update section from yesterday’s email:

Here is the thing that excites me the most!  I have seen the Lord faithfully answer our prayers while we have blogged during rural missions; the strange thing, I almost forgot to specifically ask for prayer while recruiting for these Youthmark Mission Ventures!  Please join me in praying for the following:
  • Please pray specifically for God to overwhelm us with the right groups and the right number of groups.  I am asking for 36 teams (teams of about 12-18).
  • Please pray specifically for the right towns to go to in the regions of: The Gulf Coast; Northern California; Central Idaho; British Columbia; Western Montana and Kauai, Hawaii.
  • Please pray specifically for many contacts to email back in the next 3-5 days so I can set up times to meet with people in late September (giving them time to think, pray, act on the invite in October).
  • Please pray specifically for Elisabeth (home school teacher/mommy for the first time), Halle (specifically for the right social opps), Audrey (in her new 4-y/o class), Will (continued growth, health, development) and me (keeping Jesus and my family as my priorities).
  • I am asking God to show me how to better serve the Youth Workers.  This is an oft-ignored profession and volunteer vocation.  We want to be sacrificial with our own time, talent and treasure to help, encourage and bless the youth workers in this region!  Pray that He shows us great direction in how to do this!
  • We pray for brokenness, humility and submission so we may do everything for His purpose. 
Thanks so much for joining us in prayer, whether it be through the blog and/or my email updates.  We NEED your support in this way!  

One thought on “Youthmark Prayer Update

  1. Was going to send you a quick thank-you for the specific prayer request concerns from yesterday. But, since you sort of just put it right here, I guess I’ll say thanks on here! And I can’t help but think about the verse that says, not praying in actually sin. WOW! So, that said, guess who will be praying for you, because I don’t like being a sinner! At least not on purpose!!!
    Blessings to you, Elisabeth, Halle, Audrey and Will today!

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