Long Distance Prayers

Hello friends!  I would greatly appreciate your prayers for my friend, Joseph Thomas, and his family.  Joseph was one of our hosts on our trip to India back in 2000.  He works with orphans and lepers in/around Delhi, India.  His life and his ministry are in danger.  I have attached his email he just sent me, however, I will not include a couple of the pictures he sent me.  The persecution they face is very real.  The pictures of the suffering is horrific.  There are some very wonderful Christians standing strong and doing the work of the Gospel.  It brings the early church (Acts) to mind as I read Joseph’s email.  Pray that he remains strong (like Paul).

pray for us in India we are facing lots of problem, the churches were burned by the Hindu people they are trying to kill all the Christan and they are mainly targeting the leaders and missionary in India, we need your prayers , last night we got warning from one group also they asked us to close all our schools which we run for under privilege children in 3 slums, we don’t want to close that schools , and also we are praying for our leper ministry, and our Sunday school ministry , pray for GODS revival in India ,
hold us in your prayers

WARNING:  I did include a couple pictures, which are not nearly as graphic as some of the others I received. There is one picture of a young lady who received burns, and others of some kids together after their families were killed.  

This was  the house of a pastor

This was the house of a pastor


These kids lost their families

These kids lost their families


The Persecution is very real

The persecution is very real

Please pray for the persecuted church in India!

Lord Jesus, brings others to yourself as a result of this persecution.  Jesus, come quickly.  



3 thoughts on “Long Distance Prayers

  1. Today at bible study a part of a verse we read said this. “He thus revealed his Glory, and his disciples put their faith
    in Him.” Somehow may His glory be revealed, and may many put their faith
    in Him!

  2. Will do. I get the VOM newsletters… it’s awful what’s going on in some parts of Asia right now. I find it odd and disconcerting that nearly every Chinese or Korean I know seems entirely unaware of it in their own country, much less rural India or Malaysia.

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