Are we cursed?

What is the deal with Seattle sports?

’08 Mariners–were overrated, then underachieved, and will lose over 100 games.

’07-’08 U.W. Hoops–were overrated, then underachieved and got passed up by the NIT

’08 U.W. Football– O and 3 and the ref in the BYU game just got promoted in the LDS church.

The Sonics– who?  

The one hope we had for the year, the Seahawks.  We have no wide-receiving corp now.  Engram out with injury.  Branch out with injury.  Burleson goes out in game one (and is out for the season), Payne goes down on his first catch in game two (today) and even our emergency wide-receiver, Seneca Wallace, goes down before the game.  This is ridiculous!  I played a little Tight End my Frosh year, perhaps I can help?

Even with the Seattle Curse, I’m still a homer! I KNOW the M’s will be contending next year, the Huskies hoops will recover and ride Jon Brockman to a post season birth, UW Football will come back and save Ty’s job, and the Seahawks will still win the NFC West!  As for the Sonics… hmm? Go Blazers!

Gotta go, Holmgren is calling my cell, I have to report to the Seahawks VMAC (Virginia Mason Athletic Center) tomorrow for my first practice.



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