The Inconvenient Truth

I am sitting down a for a brief break in the middle of a weekend camp at Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center.  This weekend I have had the honor of speaking to a combined group of Jr. and Sr. High students from North Creek Presbyterian Church (Mill Creek, WA).  What a fantastic group of teens.  It has been encouraging to see their receptive hearts.

The theme, An Inconvenient Truth, has been a fun one to build around.  We’re not looking at the carbon footprint we are leaving, we’re not even speaking about global warming, oil drilling or Al Gore!  We’re talking about the inconvenience of living out the Gospel.  Before I am condemned for saying such a thing, think about it, is the truth of Scripture easy to live out?  It’s not always convenient to share my faith, tame my tongue, love my neighbor, put others first, obey my parents, etc.  But I strive to be like my Lord, therefore this inconvenient truth is one that I desire to become more prevalent and more lived out in my life.

I have done two of my three talks, and tonight I am going to still do most of what I had planned, but am going to open it up a bit to have the students ask some of their “tough questions” about what is inconvenient about living out the truth in their life.  Pray that they are bold, pray that they are vulnerable and pray that the inconvenient questions reveal so REAL truth from His Word!



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