YMV’s Update #1

I am officially one week into the marketing of the Youthmark Mission Ventures.  I have met with three networks of youth pastors and had three other individual meetings with youth pastors.  In the next week I will have the opportunity with a couple more networks and a few more individuals.  So far, I am hearing a lot of excitement and have groups signing up!

Besides the 11-Page Prospectus (brochure) I have created a one page overview for the YMV’s as well.  This will serve as a reminder to some and a entry point to others.  Pray the word gets out about these and that I connect well relationally with those I am talking to about this wonderful opportunity.


The YMV overview

The YMV overview

If you are interested in seeing the prospectus in a pdf I can get it to you, especially if you are a  youth worker or know of someone who should know about this opportunity!



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