Jesus Focused Youth Ministry

Tomorrow and Friday I will be on the leadership team of a Jesus Focused Youth Ministry Forum.  This will be taking place at Highlands Community Church in Renton, but is for area youth leaders in the northwest region.  A few posts back I mentioned that I would have several speaking opportunities this week.  I failed to mention this one.  I will be speaking on “Building a Leadership Team.”  Please pray for me as I prepare for this message on top of the camp talks I am finishing the prep on today.  The “leadership team” is something I am passionate about and at times I felt I excelled at and at other times I felt I failed.  

Pray for the participants.  There are 7 sessions over a two day period, in addition to speaking I will have a small group of youth leaders as well.  Great opportunity to bless some fellow workers in the harvest field!  Appreciate your prayers!



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