Introducing ~Youthmark Mission Ventures~

Today is a big day in the life of Youthmark!  I have officially begun marketing Youthmark Mission Ventures for 2009! This is the mission program I have written about for a few months.  Youthmark is not selling a mission trip, we are servicing churches by providing a total program that has the Youth Leaders, Students and their Families in mind.  It’s not just about the mission, it’s about the total discipleship strategy!

The cover for the YMV Prospectus

The cover for the YMV Prospectus

The Youthmark Mission Venture concept incorporates elements of leadership development, parental communication/discipleship and of course the total equipping, energizing and releasing of students to do the ministry in a mission setting!  The end result is a missional life, not just a mission experience!

Begin praying for the students, leaders, and parents who will be influenced this year through YMV!  Also, pray for the 36 communities hosting a YMV team in the summer of 2009.  These town will be found in the following areas:  British Columbia; Central Idaho; Gulf Coast; Kauai, Hawaii; Northern California and Western Montana.

If you are a youth leader or if you know of a youth leader/church looking for a complete strategy for Youth Missions, please let me know or have them contact me at 206.446.4518.  I have a prospectus outlining the entire program I would love to send them!

Thanks for your prayers!



2 thoughts on “Introducing ~Youthmark Mission Ventures~

  1. Congrats, fun stuff, God speed and all that stuff. Looks fun and exciting. I like the
    compass thingy on the front. Cool, if God can’t show us the way nobody can. Praying
    that all comes together well. Just always remember, God is never late, just sometimes slow as we humans see it! You put it out there and now they will come…

  2. Congrats! Yay.

    And perhaps oddly enough, I agree that Kauai would be a really good place to go after having visited last year. 🙂

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