Looking Forward… Youthmark



Several weeks ago I started a blog series entitled, “Looking Forward.”  This series will be a semi-regular post.  In light of last nights Youthmark Fellowship Gathering, I am using Youthmark as the subject for this LF.

In the next…

hour I look forward to continuing work on my brochure/advertising piece for the mission aspect of Youthmark.  I would guess I have 30% of the content produced, so there is much more to do! Specifically today I am doing some research on some of the communities I will be scouting soon.

day I am excited to meet with some of my good friends in the ministry.  Nathan Schlaud, Chad Schnathorst, Eric Drumm and I make up the core of the Burien/West Seattle Network; we plan on starting up again in the next couple weeks and I believe most of the guys will be hanging out tomorrow.  It has been since the IDAH08 Mission since we’ve all been together.

week I am very excited about a few key meetings with some guys I will be recruiting for specific roles in the mission project. 

month I should have all the promotional materials produced for the mission side of Youthmark.  Besides publishing the “service” side of Youthmark will be initially dominated by this mission project (with many other things on the back-burner simmering).  

year I am excited to meet with the Youthmark Fellowship Gathering a few times.  Last night was probably the most “information” oriented gathering.  In the future I look forward to “doing life” together more and sharing the praises and prayer requests.  I can’t wait for the day I can bring names of specific Youth Leaders, Parents and Students to my prayer team for the purpose of prayer and praise!  

Father, thank you for allowing me to pursue this dream.  Thank you for the support of my family and friends.  I pray the ministries/projects of Youthmark would honor You!



One thought on “Looking Forward… Youthmark

  1. And Father God, I ask for protection for Brian, Elisabeth, Halle, Audrey, Will and last, but most importantly, “Your Name”.
    Father would there be no blind spots in this endeavor that Brian does not see or others supporting him and his family do not see. Put people of wisdom and discernment
    before, beside and behind Brian and his family and this ministry that seeks to glorify “Your Name”!

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