Back In The Saddle


Not this kind of saddle...

Not this kind of saddle...

I am sitting in my saddle at the Benson Starbucks (for those dying to know from yesterday).  I am beginning my sermon prep for preaching this Sunday at Boulevard Park.  This will be my first sermon since making Youthmark my full-time venture (though I did do a wedding on Saturday… that was certainly not a sermon).

I have the privilege of bringing a message from 1 John 3:11-21.  This is a fantastic passage, I’d really appreciate your prayers as I jump back into Pastor mode of preparing a message.  I did faithfully work ahead on some of my Youthmark items last week to make the time to do sermon prep this week.  However, one of my projects for Youthmark does require some extra attention.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Speaking of prayer…

Elisabeth and I have some big decisions to make in regard to our kitchen… we have been milking our old stove for all she is worth.  As of this morning we have use of one burner (the three other burners are not working, and the oven is now permanently locked because the door broke).  We need to replace the stove/range, and since we are making that change, do we go ahead and make the three or four other needed changes/updates to our kitchen?  Wisdom needed.  Thanks for your prayers.

Back to the saddle, resting in/on God’s Word! 




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