The Office

I’m excited to go to “the office” each day.  Part of the reason I love my office has to do with me liking change. In my position my office can change each day.  One day it might be in Renton, the next in Kent and the following in Burien.  Today it is in Puyallup (South Hill to be exact).  

I came to South Hill (Cutters Point Coffee) to meet with Mike England.  He is the Youth Pastor at Graham Evangelical Covenant Church.  Mike was at Taproot Church in Normandy Park for the last couple years but has now moved to Graham and is doing a partnership with Youth For Christ.  He is most likely going to be a part of Youthmark’s Mission initiative this next summer.  We connected on this and a few other ministry happenings.  Quite the blessing to be partnered in ministry, even though the miles separate us.

I am now awaiting the arrival of Brad Hostak.  I have had the privilege of ministering with Brad over the last few years.  He interned for me, then moved to Oregon to intern for one of my good friends, Wes.  Brad has now been the Youth Pastor at a River Ridge Covenant Church in Lacey for about two years.  Brad was one of my original “clients” for Youthmark (the coaching/consulting side).  The last year has been a blast being able to help Brad in specific areas.  We’re going to connect one last time on the official side of coaching and help him prepare for the upcoming ministry year.

I am thankful for the mobility of my new job.  Who knows where tomorrow will take me.  Cutters Point has treated me well today, will it be Starbucks, Tully’s, Olympic or something else tomorrow?  We’ll see!

Brad has arrived, so gotta get back to this office work!



Just caught Brad off guard!

Just caught Brad off guard!


One thought on “The Office

  1. Brad the baldy…I like it! And with a trendy new (at least new since I’ve seen him last) pair of glasses…wow.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your new job…if you run out of locations to post up for the day in WA we’ve got several nice s-bucks down here that I’d be happy to meet you at.

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