Get it… DeCompression?  Yes, I’m in DC (or was).  On my little “Sabbatical” between being a Student Ministries Pastor and President of Youthmark I am on a little tour with my Dad and Brother.  We are visiting 4 ballparks (and the Hall of Fame).  Yesterday we were able to visit the National Mall and then drive to Baltimore.  We’ll be at Camden Yard (where the Orioles play) tonight, then off to Philadelphia tomorrow… 4th of July at the Liberty Bell, pretty cool huh?

Feels a little weird to be “done” as a youth pastor and to not have a talk to plan (though I am preaching again at BPPC on Aug. 3).  The down time is a hard thing for me.  I found myself working on the plane, thinking of stuff I need to line up, etc.  I don’t think it is a bad thing entirely, but I do want to know how to rest and “be” wherever I am (but I hope everyone can admit that ‘being’ on a plane isn’t all that great anyway).  I was able to watch Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith.  Not too much “happy” about that film.  Well acted, but not the most inspiring story.

Excited to be here with David and Dad.  We’re laughing (David and Dad are playing Crib as I type), we’re talking baseball and just enjoying some time together.  Thank You to our wives and family for allowing us to do this quick trip!

Here are  a couple shots from the trip so far.  Hope to update again.

George W. and Laura say, “yo” to all my readers (all 5-10 of you)!  Ha.



One thought on “D.C.ompression

  1. I remember watching Rob Bell’s “Everything is Spiritual” and he talked about “being” where you are. it was pretty good. hope you’re having fun with the family and the ball parks.

    p.s. its Camden Yards, or better yet, Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

    i’m jealous of your trip, but at the same time i’m praying for you and for Youthmark’s future.


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