Last Day… sort of!

Today was my “official” last day as a pastor.  The problem, my office is not yet cleared out, need to head back tomorrow for a follow-up day!  Spent most of the day cleaning out the office, was privileged to grab a debrief coffee with my friend Miki (very encouraging time) and then headed to Halle and Audrey’s first swim lesson.  

We treated the girls to a celebratory Mickey-D’s Ice Cream cone after their first lesson.  While there a woman was able to borrow my phone to call a church.  She is a woman leaving an abusive relationship seeking a new life with her two teen daughters.  Pray for her as she makes her way to a shelter.  We were able to help her with a night at a motel before she takes the bus to another city where she has a confirmed bed at a shelter.  My heart breaks for her.  My prayer is that she seeks the Lord.  I had a great opportunity to share with her for a few minutes (her daughters off to the side listening).  At the end of the conversation she asked, “are you a pastor?”  Technically, I am still (another 6 hours); but it was nice to have a conversation with a woman in this state without her having the “expectation” for me to be pastoral.  

So, one more day of cleaning out the office and then a nice little decompress time; I will try to blog through that decompression as well!  



2 thoughts on “Last Day… sort of!

  1. Hello Aaby Family,
    Its been a pleasure to serve under you for four and half years at BPPC and to now be part of your prayer team from the beginning of your new calling. May God bless you all in ministry and personally.
    Prayerfully as usual,
    Rachel D

  2. Sounds like a great opportunity. My dad told me something yesterday in front of my mom and she turned and said to him. “You have never told me that before in all these years, why have you never told me that?” Little awkward there for a minute, but the point is relationships are very important! Praying for you your dad and David this week! That you truly hear eachother and oneanother’s heart this week. Have fun just being and just being with oneanother!

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