About Brian

Welcome to brianaaby.com!

Brian is an author, speaker and the Director of YS Search and YS Coaching for Youth Specialties.  After 17 years of serving as a Youth Pastor in the local church the Aabys stepped out in faith and launched Youthmark in 2008. Youthmark served churches through a strategic initiative called Mission51 (mission trips, curriculum, training retreats, etc.)

In 2012 Youthmark moved into publishing as well with the release of Pray21.

In 2014 Brian was asked to come onboard with YS and launch their new Search and Coaching divisions. He is able to utilize his strategic gifts and help churches (and orgs) with personnel placements as well as provide coaching and consulting to individuals in the ministry.

Brian and Elisabeth started their family on July 20, 1996.  They have since expanded  the family with the addition of their three children.

The Aabys make their home near Seattle.


4 thoughts on “About Brian

  1. please much greetings to the servant of our Lord and the soon coming king of kings Jesus Christ .brother Brianaaby we have a convention on august as from 17-21-2011 here in Kenya Africa,we therefore invite you come and minister to this convention hope to hear you
    I am pastor peter Obonyo Odhiambo of Seoul Shallom gospel mission in Africa

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