COVID MAD LIB – Youth Group & Family Fun

There is a lot to be bummed about as this “Great Pause” has hit us all… however, there are many innovations to celebrate, as we attack this adversity. I love seeing our collective creativity!

Whether a cure for some family boredom or seeking to change-things-up for my small group at church, I have found myself day-dreaming of some old-school games that can be repurposed for our new-school reality of COVID-19.

A few years ago, I wrote one of those Christmas Letters to our friends and family,  updating them on all the comings and goings of the Aaby family. Only, I spiced the letter up by writing it Mad-Libs style, allowing the reader to fill in some key words. It was hilarious!

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 9.09.32 AMLast night I decided to write one related to COVID-19 and give it a test-drive with my family. It was a lot of fun.

So now, I’ll pass it on to any Youth Pastor, small group leader or parent looking for a little five to 10 minute activity that will bring some laughter. Below (PDF link) is my latest “AAB-LIB” (a play on my last name, Aaby, and a way of not getting sued by the makers of MAD-LIBS).

INSTRUCTIONS: Gather your youth group (online) or family (in person) and go around the “room” asking one person at a time to give you an adjective, noun, verb, etc. based on the numbered list and the PDF link below (don’t let others see it in advance). Or simply print the PDF and fill it in directly.

NOTE: Keep it family and youth group friendly!

  1. adjective:________________________
  2. beverage:________________________
  3. business name:________________________
  4. food item:________________________
  5. verb:________________________
  6. noun:________________________
  7. number:________________________
  8. adjective:________________________
  9. clothing item plural:________________________
  10. body part:________________________       
  11. business name:________________________
  12. noun:________________________
  13. number:________________________
  14. place:________________________
  15. noun:________________________            
  16. number:________________________           
  17. measure of time:________________________
  18. verb:________________________
  19. adjective:________________________
  20. body part plural:________________________


Got a good one? Copy/paste or screen shot it and send my way, I’d love to read the great ones!


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