Zoom Freebie!

I invested in Zoom years ago… unfortunately it wasn’t a stock investment.  I invested in the yearly Pro Account as it serves me so well in what I do working with churches and pastors across the country (and world). 

Since Covid-19 started to shut everything down, many have become keenly aware of and fired up Zoom (and other video-chat apps). It’s served youth ministry so well in connecting with preteens and teens, but it has led to questions about diversifying what we do while on Zoom with our groups.

Every day on one of the Youth Ministry community pages on Social Media I see questions about games you can play on Zoom.

So, as I dive back into blogging, I thought I’d throw out a simple and practical game I created a few years ago for one Sunday morning at our church. It’s so simple you can create something similar, or use my (6 min) game video for yourself. 

Quick note, the game is named “Will He?” My son’s name is Will so there’s that, and he wanted it to be known that this was shot a few years ago (but man, the kid was cute).

I think it’d be awesome that while you’re social distancing you can grab one of your own family members and come up with some of your own silly challenges and drop a video and simple text into iMovie and voilà you have your own game of “Will he?” or “Will she?”

Zoom Instructions:

  1. Use the Share Screen Feature on Zoom so that all participants can see what your screen is showing.
  2. Have each participant mute their mic, but keep their camera on so they can reveal their answer (showing a “1” “2” “3” or “4”).
  3. Instead of “sit down” if they miss a question, they simply turn their camera off (but they can still see the screen).
  4. If you have a few people who still remain at the end of the video come up with an easy tie-breaker like “closest without going over… what time did I get out of bed this morning?” 

Have fun!

If you end up creating your own “Will He?” or “Will She?” send me (brian@youthmark.com) a YouTube link, I’d love to see them.

Here ya go, copy, paste and have fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wrORWiTOec



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