Words That Changed My Trajectory

“Brian, I’d like your help”

This simple request changed my life. 

Three months prior to this question I had put my faith in Jesus at Young Life camp and I was new to a church youth group. I wasn’t the only newbie, Steve, our youth pastor had only been on the scene about a month and he was making plans to split the youth group into two (Jr. High and High School). 

I responded positively to that request for help and became a leader for the new junior high group. Over the next nine months I learned that leading games, giving messages, participating in skits and giving high-fives & side-hugs DOES make a difference in the lives of pre-teens and teens.

Youth group leader.  Young Life volunteer. Church Plant Youth Pastor… 18 years as a career youth pastor.  And now another 10 as a youth ministry consultant and speaker (and continuing as a volunteer). 

I am so thankful that Steve risked by asking a this young man for help. Now it’s my turn to ask a 17 year-old for help. 

This Friday, we kick-off our Middle School Program for the year at Faith Church with Meet in the Middle. The high-fives, side-hugs, games, skits and message still will make a difference in the lives of pre-teens and teens… 

I’m so excited that my daughter, Halle, has responded to the request for help– she is the 17 year-old this time and she will be delivering the message to our group!IMG_2747


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