March Madness For Youth Ministry

Are you a fan of the underdog? I love stories of people who overcome obstacles. I’m drawn to the team that comes from nowhere to win it all (Hoosiers is still one of my favorite movies). I am moved by inspirational stories of those that couldn’t or shouldn’t that now have done something fantastic.

As I have matured and learned from my own mistakes, failures and successes I find myself more drawn to help develop others as they strive forward in their ventures. One “developmental” opportunity that I am specifically excited about is the upcoming YS 101 Collaborative which launches in April. This is an intentional seven-month coaching collaborative for those newer to youth ministry or in a new role. I love that I am going to team with others to help (what some would see as) underdogs become champions in kingdom work.

Though the 101 hasn’t started, I thought I would write a post as if I were talking to a participant and answering the question “what  strategic things should I be doing now in March to help with long term ministry success?”  Here are three quick tips.

  1. Dates & Rates

images-1If you haven’t already, ALL of your major events for the next six months of ministry should be known by students, leaders and parents. Summer camps, missions or retreat dates should be known by January or February (at the latest). So now, let’s focus on the fall—perhaps you have a fall camp or D-NOW coming in September? Let your ministry people know now what dates they should be reserving and what rate (fee) will be charged.

2.   Develop Now What You Want 6 Months From Now

Though you’re still putting the finishing program touches on your spring and are fundraising for summer missions, the fall program is only 6 months away. Have you thought about the incoming class of middle schoolers or high schoolers? Who will be leading those new small groups? It is wise to start recruiting and developing leaders now so that they are prepped and ready for the fresh start in the fall.

3.   Direct (and redirect) People To The Why

c_37.jpgDo people know the reason why you do what you do? For me, I want lost people to come to know Jesus as Lord. I do youth ministry because ultimately I believe students can and should be the best missionaries the US has ever seen. Your why could be different than mine— If you haven’t already, work your why into your next message, your next email and your next leader training… and then do the same next week, the week after… rinse and repeat.

There ya have it: Dates, Develop and Direct, three quick tips for success in your youth ministry game…After all, it is March and for those NCAA hoop fans, March Madness is about to begin and the underdog success stories are about to surface. May yours be one of them.


collaborative-social_focusedP.S. If you haven’t yet, please check out our 101 Collaborative— I’d love to have you are someone you know as a part of this program. Two onsite retreats, 5 months of online coaching and a FREE registration to the National Youth Workers Convention in Memphis! A can’t miss!


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