Hangin’ With The Sevies

During some of the 2015 weekends I will play a little catch-up from 2014 (I took a one-year blog writing sabbatical).

One highlight from the summer of 2014 was the transition into working with the younger students at Faith (my church). For a couple years I worked with the college age students. We encountered a bit-of-a-storm as an overall church, which caused me to pour more time into eldering/consulting. During this time I sort of faded away from that hands on ministry with the young adults.

Last summer I jumped back in with the youth group and had a blast building relationships with these great students.

By fall I was co-leading the 7th grade guys! My hope is that I’ll get to stick with these guys all the way through (and beyond) their graduation! It’s been a blast. A few snaps of the time thus far.

IMG_2952 IMG_3028 IMG_3009 IMG_3070 IMG_3090 IMG_3094 IMG_3102 IMG_3104 IMG_3120 IMG_3123 IMG_3406 IMG_3413 IMG_3896



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