Because I took a full year off from blogging, there were a number of things that I truly missed posting about. So, I figured, from time to time I’ll play a little catch up!

IMG_2713One HUGE highlight of 2014 was my Daddy/Daughter trip with Halle.

Background: At age 5 each of our kids was able to go on a trip to Disneyland with Mommy. All three of our kids made special memories with Elisabeth as they sort of put a capstone on that prior-to-school age of life.

At age 12 each of our kids gets to pick a place in the United States where they get to go with Daddy. Kid-choice, really cool. This was something that Elisabeth’s Dad did with their three kids and a tradition that I was all-too-happy to carry on!

Similar to age 5, we feel like we are capping off an era (elementary age) and launching a new stage of our relationship with our kids, young adulthood!

IMG_2688So in June, Halle and I used airline miles and Expedia (condo and car package deal) to spend five nights and six days in Kapaa, Hawaii. Wise choice Halle!

I cherished every minute of that trip.

If you’re a parent, consider doing something like this (doesn’t matter where you go, even if it is just a series of daytime activities out of our own home). We laughed a lot. We had silly conversations and deep meaningful conversations. We built memories that I will forever thank God for!

IMG_2714 IMG_2726 IMG_2739 IMG_2750 IMG_2756 IMG_2764 IMG_2772 IMG_2778 IMG_2788 IMG_2792 IMG_2811 IMG_2826 IMG_2828 IMG_2841 IMG_2846 IMG_2848


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