13 Things To Consider for 2013

I’m not a new year’s resolution type-a-guy. I’m not against them, to be honest, I just put off thinking about them until December 31 and by then I’d just be making a resolution on a whim.

Instead of a resolution, I created 13 considerations to think about between now and the New Year. Perhaps a few of things will become more than areas I just consider, but truly become things I commit to.

I invite you to the journey… make some assessments and see if any of these considerations for 2013 are ones you want to embrace.

  1. Who is a person I did not spend much (if any) time with in 2012 that I’d like to reconnect with in 2013?
  2. What are some ways I’d like to cut back on online social networking and step forward in-person socializing?
  3. What are some (new) ways I can serve, encourage, pray for and bless my wife?
  4. What is a possession I will give away (or sell) in 2013 in order to bless someone else?
  5. What is one specific and meaningful date I can plan for each one of my kids?
  6. Knowing we are one year closer to Jesus’ return, who are three people that I’d like pray for, care for and (hopefully see opportunity) to share the gospel with?
  7. What is something I want to do this year that most people would be surprised by?
  8. What is a segment or book of the Bible I don’t know as well as I’d like that I will take steps to know more?
  9. What restaurant have I not been to that I will go to in 2013?
  10. What are three areas of my life that I currently see as areas in need of strengthening?
  11. Who are three people in my life that I see as “strong or experienced” in the above mentioned areas that I can have a coffee/meal with for a one-time (or more) mentoring time?
  12. What book (among the scores that have been suggested) have I not read yet that I will FINALLY read?
  13. Who is one person (outside of my family) that I will specifically make it my goal to bless and encourage for the entire 2013 year?

Any other questions you’d like to share that could cause us all to think? Which of the above list sparked some deep thoughts for you?




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