Four-Month Blog Sabbatical

In March of 1995, after a 17 month experiment with professional baseball, Michael Jordan gave a two-word press release:

“I’m back.”

Well, I’m no Michael Jordan. I didn’t try professional baseball, I’m not re-upping with the Bulls, but I do want to make the same statement:

“I’m back.”

Four months ago (today) I posted my last blog post. I didn’t know then that it would be my last for a long time, but things were crazy busy, I had taken on too much and I began to realize that in some ways I was in survival mode. Something had to give. My blog was quickly one of the things that was given.

After some time I was ready to write again, but instead of immediately blogging I decided to re-focus and repurpose. Over the next few weeks I am repurposing the blog. I’ll begin to explain the process a bit in my next post.

So for now, if there is anyone out there still reading, still subscribed to the RSS or anyone who has clicked on the link to come check out what this dude has been up to, stay tuned:

“I’m back,” and it’s good to be here.



One thought on “Four-Month Blog Sabbatical

  1. Very cool, I’m glad you’re back, I miss you and it’s not just because you’ve taken a blogging break.

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