Thank you for your patience. My little-over one month hiatus from blogging has been a very good thing. It gave me the opportunity to rethink what I want to do with the blog, consider how often I want to post and determine how much time I should put into blogging. So, there are some small changes to be had and some big changes as well.

But before we restart, much has happened over these last 5 weeks, so let’s begin with the happenings:

  • December 12 to January 19 happened.
  • I finished a book (writing… don’t start thinking I read one)!
  • Christmas happened… and it happened to be AWESOME.
  • Speaking at an Oregon winter camp happened.
  • A new year happened.
  • I happened to then speak in Arizona for a few days.
  • Justin Bieber got a tatoo.
  • Elisabeth and I happened to speak at Adelphia Bible School for a week.
  • Halle’s Happy Birthday happened. And Elisabeth’s family happened to be here for said birthday.
  • More. People. Happened. To. Write. One. Word. Sentences.
  • A “Winter Extreme” just happens to be melting right now.
  • I ate a dish filled with Garbanzo beans. That just happened.
  • Oh, January 20th just happened too.

As for what will happen?

I plan to be more focussed this year when blogging. This will probably translate to fewer posts, but with more purpose. I’m not looking to just generate content and post because it’s been awhile, but to post because it’s an overflow of my passions.

I’ll look to give some insights into my faith. Glimpses of my family. Do some utterly stupid posts just for fun and of course share a lot about the stuff that brings in our finances (had to work in another word that started with “f”). I love Jesus, my wife and kids, laughter and working within the student and mission ministry field. So, expect that stuff to dominate the blog!

Blessings on our 2012!



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