From Concept to Community

As I sat in the Fireside Cafe for dinner with my family and several new friends this last Monday I found myself smiling and reflecting…

In late March I had a conversation with a friend involved in an upstart Bible School. “Adelphia” was a concept that he and others had been hoping would become reality in either the fall of 2011 or 2012. During this coffee conversation Eric let me know that they had made the decision to “go for it’ and attempt to start in 2011. Over the next few days and a few conversations I was invited to play a part.

Over the next two weeks the DNA would form a logo and marketing campaign began. A commercial needed to be written and produced and recruitment of students began. Decisions were made on a minimum number needed to begin, who would be in charge of different aspects and what the curriculum would be.

From the get-go it was bathed in prayer. My prayer all along was that Adelphia would be a place where students could come and IMMEDIATELY live out the stuff they were learning. My hope was to avoid the mantra of “get away for a year (or 4) so that you can learn the stuff you can use after you’re done.”

We’re just completing our second week at Adelphia. The teaching has been phenomenal (new teacher and subject each week, creating 22 “intensives”). The students are already jumping into church leadership roles in local children, youth and worship ministries. I had eight students go with me for Youthmark’s LIFT event in Portland last Sunday and it was plainly evident that the community was already tight! We even have a basketball team participating in the culture of Maple Valley through a city-league.

I am thrilled to have an advisory role with the school. I get to lead the cohort program and participate in leading the the in-house times on Monday mornings. We’re currently going through a process of discernment as the students each decide on a mission opportunity for their last two weeks of the Adelphia program year. It truly is an exciting time!

In March it was a concept. Today it is a community, seeking to impact the culture for Christ!



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