15 Minutes Can Save . . .

I love the commercial with the Gecko reaching into his wallet for his credit card to pay for a meal…

How about the Cavemen? Classic as commercials. Horrible as a TV show.

Regardless of Geico’s crazy ad themes, the tagline that they drive is their call for you to make a call… “15 minutes can save you 15%”.

This morning I took a few minutes to catch up on some youth ministry blogs. I read this one from my friend, Greg Stier. Greg used the State Farm Insurance “Like A Good Neighbor” tagline to call Christians to not just be good neighbors, but to be great neighbors. To do so he suggests that Christians:

  1. Get out of your castle (house)
  2. Pray for your neighbors
  3. Start a neighborhood spiritual discussion group
If you have not read this yet, go read it now. This is not a call just to those involved in student ministries. It’s a call to ALL Christians. I applaud Greg’s humility and response to the Spirit’s conviction in his own life. Here’s a guy with a national platform calling himself and others to engage the lost in the front yard, not just the big stage.
It got me thinking about the number of spiritual conversations I’ve had lately and the correlation with the above-name Geico Insurance company tagline, “15 minutes can save . . .”
Don’t read that as a trite, “15 minutes will save someone.” Though I firmly believe the Holy Spirit can work in that way if He chooses, my play on this commercial tagline is to encourage Christians to see that 15 minutes of investment could open up a myriad of doors into the lives of others and perhaps the front doors to spiritual conversations about God’s saving love.
  • What if you and your kids took 15 minutes to grab your rakes and wheelbarrow when you saw your neighbors attacking their leaves?
  • Could you swing by your neighbor-kids soccer game and cheer with mom and dad for the last 15 minutes of their son or daughters game?
  • As we approach the holidays, how about doubling a few recipes and take 15 minutes to deliver Thanksgiving pies, cookies or cupcakes to your neighbors with a “This Thanksgiving our family is thankful for you” cards?
Of course there are scores of other ideas we can come up with that would only take about 15 minutes. These 15 minutes could go a long way toward opening up conversations where you get to share the amazing story of God’s grace in your life. Three things you can do behind closed doors to be prepared for those 15 minutes beyond your front door.
  1. Consistently Pray for people and opportunities (not just for your neighbors, but anywhere and anyone).
  2. Constantly Practice sharing your story and the gospel, even as a family so when the time comes, you’re ready to give an answer for the hope you have (learn to share the gospel conversationally).
  3. Courageously Participate when God opens the door for spiritual conversation.
15 minutes can save. Let’s be prepared to not just be used for 15 minutes, but to be used by God for our lifetime to bring the message of His love to everyone!

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