Young Adults In Transition

It’s the middle of September, do you know where your college-age young adult is?

Whether you’re a parent, a pastor, a youth leader or just a friend of an 18-24 year old you may know exactly where that person is physically right now, but do you know where they’re headed overall? Do they know where they are headed in terms of hopes and dreams?

The reality is, I know a lot of 18-24 year olds who are visioning and re-envisioning what they want to do. Just today I met with a young man who thinks he wants to be a Youth Pastor. Last week I talked with a gal who is thinking that she’d like to work in vocational children’s ministry. Neither of these young adults have the $25,000-$35,000 per year to spend on a Christian College so they feel somewhat lost.

At the same time I know plenty who want to be an engineer, cop or teacher AND be a strong witness for Jesus but don’t feel well versed and equipped enough yet in their faith to really know the answers they want to know before heading into life!

Enter in Adelphia Bible School. As many of you know, I have been working with the school as a consultant for the last few months. In less than a month (Oct. 9) we’ll see the first class of students move into the remodeled rooms and go through the orientation. I’m excited to see the fresh-flock of young adults come with great anticipation. I can’t wait to see them grow as a community and plug in to jobs, churches and even the local community colleges as missionaries! The school is very unique in that the goal is to not just get these students away for a year to gain the foundation for life, but to actually live out the foundational stuff NOW! Mission51 at its best!

I know of an Adelphia student who will likely be a Youth Ministry Apprentice at a local church (helping get the youth ministry started at a small church) and work the afternoons in the work-study program at Lake Retreat Camp (where Adelphia is housed). All in all, this young man will receive great teaching, real community, an iPad, a two week mission and invaluable experience leading youth at a church and do all of this and more essentially for free (because of the pain apprenticeship and the work-study program). How cool is that?

If you know of an young adult who RIGHT NOW is still contemplating what he or she wants to do, Adelphia may just be the place for him or her! Check it out here and apply today (it’s not too late)! It’s a one-year (24 week program, spread over 7 months) experience that will truly bear fruit not just for years to come, but NOW!

Please share this with someone you know who may benefit from this great opportunity! Don’t say “no” for them, let’s dream big for these young adults, they can be extraordinary missionaries for Jesus!



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