Got Grads?

Hey Youth Pastor and Youth Leaders!  Do you have some students who are still struggling with “what’s next?” I remember each summer as a Youth Pastor, the mission trips, camps and retreats were coming to an end and I was in the planning stages for the fall program. The “Jordan’s” and “Taylor’s” who hadn’t decided what to do next were still attending (and probably planning on attending) Youth Group even though they had graduated already.

There wasn’t anything wrong with Jordan or Taylor, they just didn’t know if college was what they wanted to do next, or even if it was, they wanted/needed a community to be a part of while they commuted to the local community college.

As a Youth Pastor, I wanted to see these grads have the opportunity to grow and be a part of a community but I also didn’t want them to be in Youth Group anymore. I wish a place like Adelphia Bible School were an option back then.

Over the last four months I have been able to lend my voice to Adelphia and I’m excited about the one-year program they are offering. Not only will the students receive a year foundation in the Scriptures (22 different weeks of teaching, with best-practice teachers coming new each week), but they get to practice what they’re learning NOW, not just later.  The Cohort program that I’ve been able to help develop will give students the opportunity to intern or apprentice at a local church (perhaps even their own “home” church). I love this, because I know a number of young adults who think they want to go into full-time ministry, well now they can find out at a very affordable cost, instead of the $35k some schools charge per year.

Each afternoon at Adelphia is intentionally “open” so students can be in a job, get ahead on credits through local or online schools, and/or serve in a local church (Cohort program).  All this is done within the context of a great community on the campus of Lake Retreat.  The year ends with a two-week mission experience to one of three places the students will choose! Adelphia is all about Mission51 as well!

On top of this… a free iPad2!  They’re going green (plus I think it just adds to the “cool” factor).

Because I’ll get to be involved I am biased, but I really am being serious when I say that if you are a Youth Pastor or Youth Leader (or parent) and have some recent (or even not-so-recent) grads/young adults in your sphere of influence, please check out what Adelphia has to offer! I believe this is going to be a top-notch experience!

Adelphia will be at the LIFT event that I get to speak at, I’d invite you to this event as well (bring your group). You can meet with an Adelphia representative as well. Here’s the info!



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