Some Great Stuff Happening

Every now and then my blog takes an unannounced vacation. This was one of the times.

Over the last couple weeks we were able to take “Speak-ation Meet-union!” (one part speaking, one part vacation, one part Youthmark meetings and one part family reunion).  Good times.

I’ll be posting more about this in the next few posts, but wanted to give the ever-decreasing audience a little heads up as to what’s been going on (it’s funny to see the reader-ship dwindle when you don’t post).

Here are few little highlights (with some pic-posts to come as well):

WA (on our way east): Met with the Spiritual Life Director of a Christian school; Elisabeth and I are speaking together this next year during s Spiritual Emphasis week at an eastern WA Christian High School.

ID: We blinked during the panhandle portion of I-9o, so we completely missed Idaho.

MT : Spent 5-6 days with Elisabeth’s sister and husband. Did some sites and sounds, but mostly enjoyed the pool and family time.

WY: Yellowstone and some long open roads.

CO: Spoke at Summit Camp again, awesome time.  50 people trusted in Jesus for their salvation. So fun to have my family at one of my speaking gigs. In addition got to see family and friends and celebrate our 15th anniversary (July 20) at the place we got married (Colorado Springs). Mission51 has begun.

NM/UT/CO/AZ: We did the 4-Corners thing. Really ugly area, but fun place to take our kids and say that “we’ve been to 4 corners.”

AZ: Great price on a 4-star hotel (thanks Priceline). Saw friends and had a very good meeting for Youthmark (more later)

CA: Elisabeth’s folks live in SoCal! Always great to see them!

I’ll be posting some pics and more stuff about the actual events that took place soon!


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