Auto Maintenance and Mission Trips!

Hey everyone! I’m sitting in an auto-shop getting my oil changed, which got me thinking… I need my oil changed every 3000 to 5000 miles, or so they say (I think we ALWAYS push it beyond the 5k). We do this to keep the engine running smoothly, to get the junk out and to get a new filter.

This week, I believe God is going to do some needed changes in many hearts! Not just in the hearts of the lost (though I pray many people come to trust in Christ), but God is going to be doing some major changes in the lives of our team members out this week. Some of our students and staff need this week to get rid of the junk. A week away from bad relationships, temptations and sometimes just the apathy that the “norm” provides.  This week will provide a new-flow of challenges and opportunities that will ultimately equip our teams for Mission51, the 51 weeks after the mission trip back home!

Maybe, just maybe, this week can be about life-change for us, the people back home praying as well. As we pray about life-change for others, I believe God will show Himself in MIGHTY ways to us. We’ll get the maintenance on our hearts that is so needed as well!

If you click here you can see each of our teams who are blogging. Would you pray for one, two or possibly multiple teams this week? Even when the “red-dot” doesn’t show up, read and re-read previous posts and continue to pray for the listed requests.  Here are the teams we have out right now:

Calvary Chapel Silverdale to Petersburg, AK

Cascade Community to Ocean Park, WA

Faith Church to Pincher Creek, Alberta

Faith Church  to Fort MacLeod, Alberta

Grace Church to Shasta, CA

Lake Sawyer Christian to Nicoya and San Jose, Costa Rica

Lake Sawyer Christian to Cascade, ID

Lake Sawyer Christian to Cambridge, ID

In addition, I am aware of at least one team who used Youthmark Curriculum to train students who are out this week as well. Boulevard Park Church is serving in Lincoln, MT.

I’m appreciate your faithfulness to these teams. Your prayers are being heard and answered!

I’m excited about getting into my car, knowing that this small maintenance item goes a long distance. My hope is that my small prayers will go a long distance in the lives of many as well!



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