U2 and Date Night!

A little over a week ago I got to go on a sweet date with Elisabeth,  a specific date that was 1o years in the making!

About a decade ago I was asked the question “if you could pick two concerts to go to of any living performers/bands, which shows would you choose?”

Because Milli Vanilli and Vanilla Ice were both on their way out, I couldn’t choose them (I tease), I said, “I’d go to James Taylor and U2.”

About eights years ago, while living in Phoenix, Elisabeth and I got to go to an outdoor show of James Taylor. It was great! It was his last show of that tour and during the intermission of the show, he chose to stay on stage and take requests from the audience (4000+) while the band all left the stage for the scheduled break.  All told, he probably played for two or two and a half hours!

In November of 2009 I got the inside track on U2 coming to Seattle for their 360 Tour. Well, even though we didn’t have the cash to really afford to go, I still purchased four seats, knowing that we could sell the other two to someone (or all 4 if the financial need arose)! We were supposed to go last June (2010), but Bono, the lead singer, broke his back (and the concert was delayed a year).  Well, last week that year delay ended and Elisabeth and I (along with Joe and Rachel Poppino) went to the show! And what a show it was! U2 played for over two and half hours! They played most of the songs I had hoped for (would have loved “40”, but oh well). The stage, lighting and effects were amazing as well! And to top it all off, it was about 80 degrees outside as the concert began, truly “A Beautiful Day!”

It was a great night with a great date! And the fulfillment of a question I was asked 10 years ago! Quick, someone ask me what two sporting events would I most like to see (I need to do something over the next 10 years, right?).



One thought on “U2 and Date Night!

  1. What do you mean, what two sporting events?? We’re going to The Master’s and Wimbledon. I thought that was settled already. 🙂

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